deeWheel Diecast Scale Models Collection
deeWheel Diecast Scale Models Collection



20+ Vespa

Vintage & Modern

40+ Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson, Indian, Ducati

20+ Vintage Cars

Ferrari, Chevy, VW Beetle, Porsche ...

Diecast Scale Model Deals

Scale Models Deals!

Save up to 25% per item
Each scale model deal includes up to 6 of the following diecast items:

Vespa 1:32 or Vespa 1:12
Harley-Davidson 1:18
Ducati 1:32
Indian Bikes 1:32
Combinations of Vespa & Cars

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Other Provinces & Territories from C$9.99

"Neighbour" delivery (if applicable) @ C$4.99


EUROPE from C$15.99

OCEANIA from C$17.99

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Davide Sartori, deeWheel founder

About deeWheel

Welcome to deeWheel!!

The one in the picture is me, Davide (...yes, David with an "e"...), with my 1:1 scale model Yamaha Vino 125 :)
I established deeWheel in late 2020 to share my passion for scale model motorcycles and cars with other enthusiasts and to help them to enrich their collection by some more gems!


deeWheel collection is led by scale model Vespa, which include more than twenty 1:12 and 1:32 different Vespa models. Vintage 1:18 Harley-Davidson and 1:32 Ducati and Indian bikes are also part of the two-wheel scale models list. Vintage cars complete deeWheel collection, with a range that goes from stylish Corvette, Volkswagen Beetle and Mini Cooper to luxurious Porsche, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti and more!

I'm looking forward to fill the missing piece(s) of your scale models collection, and to make this process safe and easy for you.
Don't forget to leave a review or to send me a note on what you like and what you would like to see at deeWheel, I'll be happy to hear from you!!