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I established deeWheel in late 2020 to share my passion for scale model motorcycles and cars with other enthusiasts and to help them to enrich their collection by some more gems!
deeWheel collection is led by scale model Vespa, which include more than twenty 1:12 and 1:32 different Vespa models. Vintage 1:18 Harley-Davidson and 1:32 Ducati and Indian bikes are also part of the two-wheel scale models list. Vintage cars complete deeWheel collection, with a range that goes from stylish Corvette and Mini Cooper to luxurious Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti and more!

Making my customers happy with their purchase and knowing that they can rely on me for a safe and fast shipping are my priorities. I truly hope that you'll enjoy the items from my store and I'm grateful for the time you spend surfing through my collection!

Don't forget to leave a review or to send me a note on what you like and what you would like to see at deeWheel, I'll be happy to hear from you!!

deeWheel - Diecast Scale Models